In about October 2011 I went to see my GP about feeling dizzy & having poor balance.  I found myself stumbling easily & needed to concentrate a lot more whilst walking around. For example if I was walking in the office & looked sideways I would find myself off balance, maybe bumping into a doorway or something.

It was never bad enough that I would fall over, but very frustrating not feeling like I had control anymore.

Whilst I never connected this with anything else, I also had bouts of what I would describe as a head full of cotton wool and feeling like I was functioning in slow motion.

After going through the obvious channel of seeing an ear nose & throat specialist, I eventually went to see a neurologist. He sent me for a brain scan which came back clear & he therefore diagnosed me as having a form of migraine. He did touch on the subject of me feeling stressed, but I quickly dismissed this as I thought I was too tough to let things get to me & couldn’t possibly relate the two even if I were.

After several months of medication I was starting to come to the conclusion that I might be stressed & the symptoms could be related. He increased the medication & suggested I went for some therapy.

As luck would have it I found Louise Levy who had first-hand experience of mind related pain & stress issues. Louise introduced me to a book called ‘The Great Pain Deception’, and within days of starting to read it I was convinced that it was in fact all brought on by my mind.

Louise then told me about the SIRPA programme which was 5 one to one sessions & included a manual to work with.

At the end of the programme I feel better than I have done for years & can highly recommend Louise as someone that really knows her subject & has walked the talk.

I now realise that what is known as The Mind Body Syndrome has brought out a few stress related issues with me over the years, including a frozen shoulder, once on each side but about 4 years apart. There was no medical explanation for this & it now makes sense that my frozen shoulders were brought on by my mind rather than an injury or something.


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