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SIRPA provides a cutting edge approach to help you resolve your pain as well as other persistent symptoms, rather than just learning to live with it. There are many different types of pain including; RSI, persistent back pain, general chronic pain, sciatica etc.

Chronic Pain Relief, Self Help & Relief at Home

Where possible, SIRPA’s approach focuses on actual recovery, rather than the focus being on management of the pain. It involves an educational, evidence-based and self-empowering approach to help individuals identify and acknowledge the underlying causes of their pain while also developing healthier neural pathways that allow a pain free, healthy life. Because the neural pathways involved in chronic pain are reversible, full recovery is often possible, irrespective of the pain’s severity or duration.

Our treatment approach focuses on four main areas: Education, Emotions, Behaviour and Lifestyle. All of these play a significant role in not just enabling individuals to resolve chronic pain and other persistent conditions, but in becoming more stress resilient, emotionally aware and able to live a healthy, active life moving forwards.

Chronic Pain: A New Perspective TED Talk

Are You Fed Up With Your Pain?

Once we have ruled out physically damaging conditions such as cancer and autoimmune diseases, most cases of persistent or recurring/chronic pain are caused by the brain rather than something wrong with the part of the body that hurts. We now understand that the brain can learn to do this as a way of protecting us from unresolved emotional turmoil, past or present. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘maladaptive stress response’.

The neural pathways that connect the brain with the site of pain can become learned and persistently active, especially when conventional treatments address only the pain symptoms and not the underlying emotional cause

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Simon Casciano


Simon is an Accupuncturist based in East Sussex who offers face to face sessions.  Simon offers a natural and holistic healthcare approach combines the best of what is both ancient as well as cutting-edge.

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