SIRPA Supervision Session


SIRPA Supervision Session

In order to become a licensed SIRPA practitioner you will need to complete 5 case studies and 5 supervision sessions. All details about the process and a list of our supervisors can be found in the Level 2 Practitioner Training course.

Once you have decided on which supervisor you would like. Purchase each of your SIRPA Supervision Sessions here, stating your preferred supervisor and once purchased they will be in contact with you to book your session.

You can choose to book your supervision sessions separately by purchasing 1 each time or you can pay for all 5 at once if you would prefer, this is completely up to you.


Supervision is an important part of the journey to becoming a licensed SIRPA Practitioner and an important part of your professional development going forwards. We encourage all of our members to engage in regular supervision to ensure the best service is delivered to their clients and to ensure the health of yourself as a Practitioners is high on your priority list.