Low back pain can be persistent and debilitating, affecting every aspect of an individual’s life. Unfortunately, as studies have shown, fear of the pain and everything to do with it, plus ruminating about it, can exacerbate it.


The sad fact is that in most cases, low back pain can be resolved, yet most people still hang on to the archaic belief that the pain is due to a physical cause, whether that’s postural, structural or biomechanical. This is despite numerous studies (see below as an example) demonstrating the fact that there is no correlation between pain and a physical cause.

The SIRPA approach recognises that chronic low back pain is part of an unconscious and automatic, stress-processing response and therefore we help patients recover by addressing the underlying causes of pain. For more advice and information about our educational and self-empowering work, listen to the SIRPA Recovery CD/audio recordings.

Brief conclusions of a number of MRI scans studies

The Fall of the Postural/Structural/Biomechanical model

This can be quite challenging to accept for people new to this concept. Have you noticed your pain pattern change in relation to what’s happening in your life, rather than while specifically doing something physically?