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TEDx TALK: A New Perspective

In 2019 I was invited to record a TEDx talk. In this talk I explain, using personal experiences as well as observations from patients why, the more experience I gained from treating chronic pain, the more baffled I became. Using findings from a growing evidence base the talk demonstrates how I was able to gain clarity and why it is often possible to improve the chance of doing more than having to ‘manage’ the pain.

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Reign of Pain – Dr Howard Schubiner, MD

‘Reign of Pain’ by Dr Howard Schubiner, MD – was presented at MSU RX in October 2017.

  • The mind body relationship is a factor in some chronic pain.
  • What are the causes and possible treatments for Chronic pain?
  • Chronic pain can be devastating but some categories of people can be helped with taking a different approach first developed by Dr. Sarno.

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Professor Lorimer Moseley – ‘The Pain Revolution’

Leading pain scientist Professor Lorimer Moseley explains the science behind ‘Explain Pain’ – and the good news for chronic pain sufferers. With fascinating examples and the latest research Lorimer explains how science is showing there are alternatives to drugs for many sufferers – and how it can be done.

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Interview with Dr David Schechter

Dr Robert Watkins interviews Dr David Schechter. Dr. Schechter’s unique non-surgical approach to Sports Medicine has helped everyone from competitive athletes to soccer moms. He is a provider for many types of health insurance and is on the medical staff of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as a Family and Sports Medicine doctor.

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Brainman: Understanding Your Pain

This video will enable people with chronic pain access to a self-management tool that will help them manage the impacts of chronic pain on their functioning, emotions and interpersonal relationships and will help in the adherence to pain management plans.

Talking Healing with Georgie Oldfield


In this video Georgie Oldfield MCSP was interviewed by The Pain PT Jim Prussack.  Like Georgie, Jim is also a Physical Therapist and he attended Georgie’s SIRPA training in the UK.

The discussion includes a number of great tips to help you understand more about this approach.

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Neural Pathways and Pain – Alan Gordon

Why does pain become chronic and what can we do about it? In this 3 minute video Alan Gordon describes how neural pathways are the key. He also shares two experiments which demonstrate that very real pain can be caused by the brain.

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