Kay Bradley-Higgins, Physiotherapist and SIRPA practitioner

“I have worked as a physio for over 20 years, in more recent years I have specialised in the treatment of spinal pain. On the whole, I have been reasonably successful, but I have always felt that with some patients, that there has been an element missing. Patients have hinted at past life problems, which I felt must have had an impact on their pain, as well as their ability to cope with it. However, I did not feel that I knew how to deal with those problems, unfortunately there is little available on the NHS to deal with these issues either, so no-one to refer on to (I still work part time in the NHS as an Advanced Practitioner). I knew of Georgie, as she is local to me and I had directed a few people her way after hearing about her work. I then met her for the first time at the Therapy expo in Manchester. I spoke to her and decided to buy her book. I read it and it made me want to look into things further. I signed up for the course and have since bought more of the books relating to stress induced pain. Having completed the course last week, I would highly recommend it to any therapist working with people in pain. I was apprehensive, as at first it felt like would have to ‘throw out’ everything I have learned to date, as well as challenging the beliefs I have developed over the years. However, as Georgie said, all those things brought me to the point where I was ready to accept the concept of stress induced illness. Having thought about it over the last few days, I realise I can start to slowly introduce this concept. Not everyone will be ready to accept it at first. I have told others that I have done the course and they are keen to get started. I became a physiotherapist because I wanted to help people, I have always tried to do my best for those who have sought my help. I haven’t helped everyone, but I have always tried. I am now more knowledgeable about stress induced pain and how to identify it.  I will be practicing physiotherapy in a different way, but so long as my patients are getting better it doesn’t really matter. The course also makes you realise things about yourself and your own stress problems. I am already becoming aware of my stress triggers and trying to practice some of the techniques.” You can see more about Kay’s work here:

Dennis Donnelly Osteopath, Body Psychotherapist & SIRPA Practitioner

“I wanted to do a course which filled the gaps in my knowledge base, was professionally led, current, and gave me a set of tools that I could use with my clients. Georgie’s course gave me what I wanted, and I use the SIRPA approach, tools and techniques on a daily basis across my client base.”

Liz Dyde MBACP Counsellor, Coach, Hypnotherapist & SIRPA Practitioner.

“The SIRPA training is an excellent training course particularly if you are a counsellor/psychotherapist. It’s even better if you have training from a psychodynamic perspective. When I heard about SIRPA I knew that all I ever suspected about the causes of pain and illness were validated.”

Louise Levy MA Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypno-CBT & SIRPA Practitioner

“I particularly welcome treating people who have been told they have DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) as I myself was told this and indeed ‘believed’ it for 12 years, in which time I had 4 spine operations. I now ‘walk my talk’ so to speak, in both my personal and professional life, integrating Georgie’s work with my own models of psychotherapy with excellent results.”

John E Sarno MD

“It’s great having such a competent and enthusiastic colleague in the UK” John E Sarno MD Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University School of Medicine and Pioneer in the field of Tension Myositis Syndrome (Stress Illness)

Peter Zafirides MD

“Georgie, You are a leader in the field as well. We are all in this together for the same reason – to reduce pain and suffering. Thank you for SIRPA and all you are doing ‘on the other side of the pond’!!” Peter Zafirides MD, Psychiatrist & Clinical Assistant Professor at Ohio State University’s Dept of Psychiatry

Wayne Kampers MRCPsych

As a Consultant Psychiatrist I often see clients with ‘Stress-Related and Somatoform Disorders”. So many of these individuals turn out to have ‘Stress Illness’ as described by Georgina. Her SIRPA Training Programme and SIRPA approach to Stress Illness enables Health Professionals to develop the skills to identify this often chronic and disabling condition in their own clients. Georgina really has been instrumental in the positive changing of lives forever.

Pete Gray MCSP Physiotherapist & SIRPA Practitioner

The SIRPA course left me feeling inspired to join Georgie in pushing this work forward. Georgie’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and personal insight into stress illness recovery make for an excellent combination.

Dr Adam Al-Kashi, Head of Research & Education, Backcare

The SIRPA Practitioner course was both illuminating and humbling; a rare privilege to witness the future of medical education.

Emily Tims MCSP Physiotherapist & SIRPA Practitioner

I found this course insightful, enjoyable and relaxed. It was great to meet others who have experiences of using these techniques. A friend recommended that I attend the course although at that point I was completely unaware of this approach. It has subsequently altered my own personal experiences of pain and also how I work with patients. I thoroughly recommend doing the course.

Christa: ex-Fibromyalgia sufferer

I am a former Fibromyalgia sufferer. Following the SIRPA programme and attending a SIRPA retreat, apart from regaining my health, I was able to learn in depth, personal ways of recognising how to deal with the stresses in my life. I learned all different skills to stop the chatter in my head, be calmer, like myself and be myself. It’s two years on now and I’m still using those valuable skills. I didn’t realise at the time, but looking back now, what else it had shown me was that my old self was still in there.

More Feedback from our Courses

Feedback from our Courses

“I know this is a fantastic opportunity to help people recover from chronic pain by a tried and tested method. It is a treatment that can work for all ages. I am really looking forward to getting started. Thanks Georgie you are amazing.” Belinda Clair, Clinical Massage Therapist

“I liked how professional the whole process is, certification, approved practitioner, case studies, CPD requirements and annual re-registration, all reflect the typical ‘medical’ models such as GMC, HCPC and other regulatory bodies.” Anon

“A very important course for me – opened up some exciting new perspectives regarding approaches to chronic pain. Thank you Georgie. It was definitely been one of the best courses I have done, very much appreciate your passion and inspiration for/around this important work.” Damon Peterson, Osteopath

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and a lot of the stories/case studies were really useful.” Anon

“Thanks Georgie, I really enjoyed myself. Great Content.” Kirsty Bortoft, Coach

“Good course all round, very enjoyable group to work with.” Anon

“Thoroughly inspiring. Georgie is passionate and this shows and is contagious. There couldn’t be a better ambassador that Georgie for SIRPA.” Anon

“The program was excellent. Georgie did an excellent job demonstrating and teaching me how to deal with pain. I’m totally convinced that this seminar will help me effect the pain in people’s life and will also act as a pain prevention programme. Excellent, simple and effective.” Arfeen Khan, NLP & EFT Business coach

“I have been on many courses over the last 10 years of my physiotherapy career, but this is without a doubt the best one yet. It teaches so many new ideas about pain and most importantly how to cure chronic pain and other chronic conditions. I am looking forwards to working in this area and integrating it into my practice. Georgie is inspirational, confident, a good teacher but also very down to earth and uses many of her own experiences to get her point across.” Anon

“One of the best courses I have been on in a long time, such a fascinating topic.  The course was an excellent mix of theory and practice.  There was plenty of time to practice skills so we could feel confident using them – many thanks – looking forward to the CPD events”

“I have increasingly wondered over my years of clinical practice what the golden key would be for my patients to truly understand why they were developing their symptoms.  Having done the SIRPA practitioner course I feel like I have been given the gift of knowledge and understanding to guide them to the true cause of their pain and dysfunction.  To reveal how our emotions make themselves know, heard and felt in our bodies”

“I enjoyed sharing insights with people from lots of different professional backgrounds.  Georgie is engaging, knowledgeable and made the programme interesting and entertaining.”

“The training was fun, practically-focused and full of great resources.  I recommend it highly”

“The SIRPA practitioner training course is a fantastic adjunct to my coaching skills.  I now feel really confident taking this work forward to help clients with stress illness.  The beauty of this course is that I have learnt so much about myself and my own beliefs and behaviours as well as techniques and tools to challenge these which I believe will make me a better practitioner for my clients.  Thank you so much for an uplifting and inspirational course, I would highly recommend it to anyone working with people with chronic pain or stress illness”.

“Thank you for your years of hard work in this area, I’m so glad I came across SIRPA at this stage in my career.  Its amazing to have clear sceintifically proven answers to my questions about unusual pain behaviour and emotional links!  I can’t wait to start using it!”

“Great course, enjoyed it.  Refreshing info and so vital to what we need in medicine now”.

“Such a great course thank you Georgie.  I am looking forward to continuing my personal journey and then sharing it with my patients.  Everyone needs to know about this!  I love Georgie’s passion for this.”

“The SIRPA course is brilliant for any practitioner wanting to understand and help those patients that we would normally struggle to get out of pain and help them back to fully functioning lives permanently because it gives them the skills to help themselves.”