What were you suffering from?

I have experienced severe problems with the right side of my neck, upper back, shoulder arm and hand for over twenty years – from about 1993. I have been told variously over the years that this pain, discomfort, stiff neck, aching back, frozen shoulder, pins and needles and numbness was due to osteo-arthritis, wear and tear, pinched or trapped nerve(s), cervical vertebrae fusing together, bad posture, RSI, or a combination of these.

What had you tried before coming across SIRPA?

I have had chiropractic treatments (over 50), physiotherapy, acupuncture, Chinese manipulation treatments (for over a year), body massage, trigger point therapy and various pain relief drugs. All these things brought some relief and helped me to keep working and carry on, but I was never free of the pain, which was often severe.

In 2015 after a particularly stressful and painful time, I decided to take early retirement as I felt I was getting worse by spending eight hours plus on a computer in a very busy and stressful office work environment.

To begin with I seemed to improve, but the pain was easily aggravated even by simple things like chopping vegetables, cleaning windows or using a keyboard or even a pen for more than a few minutes. I needed to be very careful so as to not “set things off”. I felt I was “permanently” damaged. It was very depressing.

How did you come across SIRPA?

Then in February 2016 I got much worse again and suffered a severe stiff neck and then a frozen right shoulder where I could hardly move my head or lift my right arm. I was in agony. This went on for weeks and weeks. I was at my wits end and struggling to understand or see a way forward.

I had always been interested in the mind body connection and holistic health and I stumbled on Dr Sarno’s book “Healing Back Pain The mind body connection” and Georgie Oldfield’s “Chronic Pain Your Key to Recovery” on Amazon and decided to get them as I had nothing to lose. After reading these and some more in a similar vein, (I needed to read more to gain a better understanding) I started myself on a journaling and meditation programme.

I followed the suggestions in Georgie’s book that appealed most to me. I did lots of journaling and a time line and just wrote freely. I put some affirmations on a card and said them every day. I did short meditations several times a day. I started to improve and the pain started to ease.

What were your results?

After a short while (under 6 weeks) I stopped needing pain relief drugs during the day. I signed up to the SIRPA website for inspiration. Georgie e-mailed me to ask if she could help and I booked a phone call. Georgie called me and we discussed some techniques that might be of further help. That phone call alone helped as it was wonderful to know that someone cared enough to offer this service. The techniques also helped as well. I am deeply grateful to Georgie for her professional compassion and helpful suggestions.

Now only six months on (August 2016) I am greatly improved, have full movement and very little pain. I have every faith that this progress will continue.

This programme is positive, helpful and has no negative side effects. It has truly been remarkable.

I have come to have a deep and great respect for the power of the mind which should never ever be underestimated. Also for the professional people like Dr. Sarno and Georgie Oldfield who have had the courage to write about it and find methods to help us harness our own healing power.

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