Stefanos – Recovery from Back and Knee Pain

In this video Stefanos talks about his success in resolving the recurring back and knee pain which he had suffered from for over 5 years (back) and 2 years (knees) and which had begun to adversely affect his life.

In 2013 an MRI had shown spinal degeneration of the lumbar spine including a herniated disc and another disc that was bulging. He had also been diagnosed with tendinopathy of both knees and a Grade 2 meniscus tear. Over the years Stefanos had tried to cope by seeing a number Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Acupuncturists, but the pain kept recurring and was affecting his life.

Over time he began to realise that each time his pain was at it’s worst it was during a particularly challenging period in his life. A year after his recovery, Stefanos talks about his experience and how he managed to recover by following the SIRPA programme.

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