I think that everybody feels some pain from overuse; however, you’re normally not aware of it as it goes away when you stop the activity – it’s just part of the normal human condition.

Once you’ve had TMS it’s difficult to distinguish between pain that you would naturally feel and pain associated with TMS. I can imagine that many TMS people say they are 90 – 95% better, when in fact they are just feeling the normal day to day pain that people get – they are just over sensitised to it.

I would therefore say that in regards to pain I do still feel some, but I think this is natural; however, it is 90%+ better than before.

In regards to my mental approach, I would say that I am 95% better. I’m not worried about the pain any more and I can do unrestricted activity (including all sports!!) – I know the pain will go away and therefore it does not bother me.

Occasionally I get the odd TMS moment and slip back into it, but if I ignore it and continue with the activity the pain always goes within a couple of hours.

It’s amazing when you get the concept as you know that you can always beat it!!!

On holiday I lifted all the suitcases and carried the children everywhere and I felt no pain. My wife has also has a shoulder operation a month ago and could not use one of her arms – during this period I’ve carried and lifted everything, again no pain!!! I can do unrestricted computer activity and occasionally get pain, but I just work through it and it always goes. I’m going mountain biking at least twice a week and getting absolutely no pain at all!!!!

I think with TMS once you get the concept you can get back to full physical activity very quickly; however, it took around 2 months to get on top of the pain.

As well as my hands getting better I now also get far less pain in my back (especially in my trapeziums) and have also lost several other weird symptoms I used to get such as night sweats. My insomnia (which admittedly was 80% better before I got RSI) has now gone completely, which is amazing as I suffered from it for nearly 3 years!!!

Thanks again for your help. Mike Sloman.

December 2008

N.B.  At Mike’s last contact in 2011 he reported that he was fit and well and was riding competitively in very challenging cycling events.  He also reported that his Brother who had also followed this approach for his bilateral RSI was now enjoying a musical career playing the guitar.

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