Megan, A National Junior Springboard diving Champion from Leeds, came for a SIRPA assessment in May 2010 when aged 15 years.

She had fallen on her coccyx when she was 12 and had had severe back and leg pain since then.

Megan had been seen and treated by Physios, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, an Orthopaedic Specialist, a Neurospecialist, a Pain consultant etc. and had had MRIs, XRays etc and a spinal injection, with the cost of all this being over £5000 privately and through the NHS.

All approaches to her treatment had been physical assuming a physical cause.

Just before Megan had fallen in the gym, causing her initial injury, she had won a national award for diving and was being spotted for the Olympics. This pressure and the pressure she always puts on herself to succeed was huge and her pain was an unconscious response which allowed her to cope and remain in control, even though she was unable to dive, which is her passion.

At her assessment I explained all about how and why we sometimes need symptoms to distract us from being overwhelmed and encouraged her to listen to the SIRPA Recovery CD and offload by writing about how she felt and feels. This was enough to ensure that as the underlying emotional cause was being addressed, her pain was no longer required. Within weeks of the assessment, Megan was finally been able to take up her sport again following an enforced break of 3 years.

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