Physical ‘abnormality’ – One leg shorter than the other following a motor bike accident many years previously causing pelvic imbalance and subsequently spinal degeneration.

“I‘ve always put the pain down to a road traffic accident I had about 27 years ago and since that time I’ve had to take painkillers virtually every day. The accident left me with one leg more than ½ an inch shorter than the other and this is what I thought had to be the reason for my back pain, and my GP was of the same mind.

Every year for the past 20 years I’ve had to take at least 3 or 4weeks off work because of the pain, and every morning I had to exercise just to be able to get moving. I also had to keep a lumbar belt near me because I couldn’t lift anything without wearing it.

For the 5 years before my recovery I had been seeing an Osteopath once a month, but the relief only lasted 2 or 3 days and then the pain would start again, slowly but surely.

I now have no problems with my back and I haven’t taken any painkillers or seen my Osteopath for 3 years. Confronting the emotional and not just the physical side of my problems has left me pain free and a lot calmer.”

N.B. 4 years later and Jimmy remains fit and well.  He brought a friend for treatment last Summer and mentioned that he had moved over 350 tables and chairs on his own in the school he works in as a caretaker and had no problems whatsoever. Soon after he recovered he threw away his back belt and all his other ‘crutches’.

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