I have suffered from chronic back pain for the last 5 years and have also been given a diagnosis of Cerebral ischemia, which is the latest in a long list of diagnoses including MS, high blood pressure, Epilepsy and others too numerous to mention. I have seen GP, Neurologists, physiotherapist, psychiatrists, pain management team and Uncle Tom Cobley and all. No seriously I think everyone has had a diagnosis for my conditions and given treatment either pharmaceutical or physical or the good old bed rest.

In fact three years ago I was in bed after numerous mini strokes and could not walk or do anything. I had to crawl to the loo and my husband had to fetch me all my meals etc. This was not for me, I hate being in bed, so slowly but surely I started to do things little by little and I also started to paint watercolours.

This made me start to think that If I wanted to lead anything like a normal life I was going to have to fight the pain and make my body go again. This was working to a certain level, but I was still taking enough pain killers to stun an elephant and having 6 monthly epidural spine injections which worked for about 2 months.

Then came the crunch my daughter was getting married at the end of November 2008 and I was NOT going to be ill for that. After begging and pleading to have an epidural at the beginning of November instead of as due in December I was informed that the list was now so full even my 6 monthly would now be 9 months, so not till March 2009. That was it I had to find something.

My Husband searched the net for alternatives and found Georgie’s site for physiotherapy, acupuncture and TMS. I read the info and already being a great believer in the power of the mind I decided this was worth a try. I rang the next day and as fate would have it she had a cancellation that afternoon.

I have not looked back since and that was Thursday the 16th October. I can’t believe it is only eight weeks ago since she took my history at the first visit and examined me and suggested that I could have TMS. After explaining this to me I realised I fitted into many of the categories and this could possibly be the answer, so I took home the book and DVD already feeling more positive.

I read the book and watched the DVD and in days was improving. I have not looked back since and within a week I had knocked off all my pain killers and felt more alive than I had in ages. I then went to my doctor and under his supervision I have reduced and now stopped taking most of my other pills. Two weeks after going on the programme my husband and I went up to the Dales for a weekend and I managed a 10 mile walk the first day and an 8 mile walk the second, I had my life back and was now able to do the things I love.

6 weeks after going to see Georgie we drove down to Leatherhead where my daughter lives, on the Friday night. This in itself would have normally been a painful and exhausting journey, but I was fine. The next day I went to my daughter’s wedding feeling fit and well and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and was still dancing at midnight. My daughters could not believe the difference in me and were totally shocked by the fact that I was still on my feet at the end of the day.

Thanks to Georgie and the TMS/SIRPA programme I am now back to full health, my blood Pressure has gone from being dangerously high to being within normal limits. I no longer take loads of pills and I have not had a seizure or a blackout since going on the programme. Needless to say it has worked for me and many other people I have met at the meetings.

I am much happier and much healthier than I have been for a long time and am looking forward to a healthy future.

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