My time with chronic pain all started back in the summer of 2012. My upper back had severe muscle pain, consisting of a very deep ache, and also a burning sensation. It was horrible ! This continued for around 2 years. On top of this my legs started to experience a deep ache, and a burning and crawling skin sensation also. I was at a loss about what could have been the cause of this pain, and so were the doctors. I was put on painkillers and also on anti-depressants as my mood took a severe turn for the worse during this struggle. I felt trapped within my own body, which was the scariest thing I could imagine. It’s hard to admit it, but I even considered suicide on many occasions as I couldn’t imagine a life feeling this way. That’s how bad things had got.

Some time in 2014 is when I came across the work of Georgie. I spent most of my time looking and searching for answers on the Internet , which slowly became an obsession. Another thing to deal with! Initially I had a telephone conversation with Georgie and she had no doubt that what was causing my chronic pain……was stress, and unresolved emotional issues. Finally I had something a bit more concrete to go on and after a while of doubting this diagnosis, I felt that this could indeed be the cause of all my pain.

I had a few Skype sessions with Georgie where she helped me understand the concept and what I could do to start to reduce the pain. I started journaling and writing down all my past James Eand present emotional issues. I was still skeptical about whether this would do anything but nevertheless I continued to do so, after all I didn’t have much else to lose. Anything was worth a shot.

Fast forward to early 2015, and I was still experiencing pain on a daily basis but now and again I had windows of relief. I continued to take many medications for both pain and mood which I didn’t like, as I’m not really one for taking anything, but I had to, as without them I was in agony.

The summer of 2015 is where I started to experience more relief. I kept a daily record of my pain and mood scores, which was an idea given to me by my doctor. I would advise anyone in pain to do this as you get to see the patterns in your pain.

I’m now ( November 2015 ) off my anti-depressants and slowly but surely coming off my painkillers also. I feel so much better! I still experience pain, but compared to how it was is night and day. Anyone reading this who is in pain, I promise that things will get better, they will get better! It happened to me, so it can happen to you also.

I feel through my journey that I had an excellent team behind me. My thanks go out to my G.P. who at one point I was almost contacting daily, and a lot of the time in tears. Georgie and her website for showing me that recovery can and does happen. Also to my parents who had to go through a lot watching their son go through a living hell.

I’m better now. That’s the main thing.


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