I cannot thank Georgie enough. She transformed my life after years of misery, depression, pain and desperation. I was a young dentist who had given up her job and social life in the search of getting back to a life without pain, convinced it was RSI from my work causing my back, neck and shoulder pain. I spent thousands on endless physio, chiropractor and osteopath appointments, on travelling to London once a week for 8 weeks to see an orthopaedic physician and saw several orthopaedic and neuro surgeons having many MRIs and X-rays. I desperately tried several different chairs at work, bought expensive magnifying glasses and then wore a tens machine when treating patients. 

I went to so many back strengthening Pilates classes to ‘correct my misaligned posture’. My pain completely ruined my life, it consumed my thoughts and obliterated my happiness. It was like a horrendous all consuming obsession that I couldn’t escape. I was convinced I would have to struggle through the rest of my life the best I could. After trying everything standard western medicine had to offer, I read about TMS and psychosomatic pain and heard of Dr Sarno. Researching what was similar and available in the UK, I found Georgie.

Every time I went to see Georgie initially I was so scared she wouldn’t be able to help me, I scanned the testimonials on the walls of the waiting room and became so despondent when I read people said they were ‘mostly free of pain’ and ‘almost never have discomfort now’. I wanted to be 100% cured. It was a dark time. Georgie literally gave me my life back. 

She helped me understand just how powerful the mind is and how learning to deal with stress and conditioned destructive thoughts towards oneself are one of the most important tools in life. Georgie transformed my life. She is so patient and understanding. She is the support you need and is the voice you can always turn to when nobody else understands. She is firm when she needs to be and helps you to work through all your anxieties and worries and helps you plan how you are going to move past this period in your life and help you to plan for the future instead of focusing on the past. 

She gradually convinced me psychosomatic pain is real and linked to emotions and how you deal with them. Over several months I worked hard at rewiring my brain. I can now say that I am completely cured (as were those other people who wrote the testimonials that scared me). I have since completed several triathlons, have been travelling for months on end and have returned to work. I am happier than I ever thought I would be. 

Georgie…the work you do is life changing and you should be very proud of the groundbreaking health service you provide. You are like a little miracle (I am not exaggerating) and I feel so lucky to have found you. 

It sounds dramatic Georgie but I literally owe you my life! I cannot thank you enough. 


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