What were you suffering from?

Last year in February I went to see an orthopedic surgeon as I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for many many years (around 40 years). At least once or twice a year I could not move from pain. In 2008 I had a C5/6 fusion and I thought it was probably time for the LB. This time it resulted in terrible paresthesia in my right leg. Sciatic pain, a weak knee and the ankle feeling like it had very little muscle support. I was also getting pain under my feet.

Although I have treated these symptoms and even suggested they be TMS to clients through my complimentary health work, I was tired of this pain and wanted a simple discectomy so that I could continue my hiking and trail running I had taken up again after many years. I had questioned myself and considered stressors in my life etc… but without much success. In fact I now realize that my anatomy awareness and injuries were more powerful in my thinking when it came to my own pain – surely I’m ok when it comes to anxieties, after all, I have a strong faith and was even a pastor.

How did you come across SIRPA and TMS?

After scheduling an op I decided to stop exercise, go for some light bodywork treatment of the type I do and began pilates for the first time.

During this time I was reading on TMS and began my course through SIRPA. Although at the beginning I could not do some of the movements in the pilates class from fear of pain, within about 3 weeks I noticed I was getting stronger and the pain was going away. So I started walking and jogging again and surprised myself that I was getting absolutely no pain (now and then a small twinge).

As the weeks went on I was getting personal best times and running strongly on the hills with absolutely no pain or paresthesia!

How has your life changed?

I have become more positive about training and have been able, with confidence, to treat my clients more holistically. Getting them back into functional exercise very quickly by telling them my story and giving them exercises to do while educating them concerning mind body syndrome. The results have been remarkable. It’s amazing to see clients excited about life again getting back to doing what they want and love. While at the same time understanding something about themselves and how they function.

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