Hi, I am 56 years old and have been diagnosed with FM in 2008 and found in Nov 2010 that I suffer from TMS. Always been proud of my personality, being able to sort and cope with anything that life throws at me. Emigrating from Germany to England with a young family learning the language, moving house and city, children leaving home, losing my job, just to name some hurdles. Having realised now that I was getting very frustrated and not coping well any more for approximately the last 25 years.
Some of the symptoms:

• Fatigue, taking tablets to keep going

• Overcome with feeling nauseous several times a day

• Feeling numbness in my back

• Headaches, poor concentration, memory loss

• And severe pain in various places over the last two years, resulting in taking prescription drugs [propranolol and tegretol], as over the counter painkillers didn’t help. The pain being worse at night when resting or when trying to sleep.

I was diagnosed with TMS (Stress Illness) by Georgie Oldfield in October 2010, what a relief it was. I received help, guidance and support in communicating with Georgie on Skype and by e-mail, as well as reading her workbook and listening to her CD.

I can honestly say my life changed the day I started my program. Within the first few weeks I was able to relax at night with my legs up without pain and stopped my prescription drugs. By the end of my course I was off all tablets, had no pain and in control again of my body and mind.

It is now January 2011, with the normal pressures of the festive season I found it difficult to stick to my routine (my “me” time) and had a slight set back. However, taking time for myself again, doing my old routine and I also started to read books from Dr. John E. Sarno (Healing back pain and The Mindbody Prescription) and Dr Wayne W. Dyer (Stop the excuses and 1 0 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace).

It has taken me this time, just over a week, to get control again over my pain, only my headaches are taking a bit more controlling. It is a great and calming feeling to know that I have the knowledge to help myself, that it is up to me, and that I don`t need to take any medication. I can`t believe how well I’ve done, admitting though, that I have to keep some kind of routine for longer, if not for ever. I like to say though if anybody is not sure if they should try it, do, if you have, and if you haven`t got a satisfactory result yet, keep going. What have you got to lose, “only your pain”.

2013 – over 2 years on and Christa remains well

“I am a former Fibromyalgia sufferer. Following the SIRPA programme and attending a SIRPA retreat, apart from regaining my health, I was able to learn in depth, personal ways of recognising how to deal with the stresses in my life. I learned all different skills to stop the chatter in my head, be calmer, like myself and be myself. It’s two years on now and I’m still using those valuable skills. I didn’t realise at the time, but looking back now, what else it had shown me was that my old self was still in there.”

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