Email to Georgie Oldfield

Prior to my first consultation with you last year I was putting up with painful stiffness and soreness which seemed to start in my lower back at the base of my spine and travel via my right shoulder through my neck and (probably because it had no further to go !) cause sometimes severe headache across my temples and behind my eyes. In short I was suffering quite badly, feeling permanently tired, irritable and demotivated.  Some of these symptoms may have been due to all types of painkillers which I was taking.

I had also spent a fortune with orthodox Physiotherapists who tried to help and also, so called, `Sports Injury Clinics` who made matters worse in professing to know where the root of my pain was and applying intrusive massage which I did not need.

After our initial discussion and treatment, I left the clinic feeling a relief which stemmed from confidence in a potential cure for the pain I was suffering.   The concept of TMS was a new one to me and I began to reflect on the many years of work pressures particularly, money struggles, relationships, bad decisions and even things from my childhood and education days which  affected me traumatically.

I booked second and third visits to your clinic almost out of comfort and curiousity as, being a typically cynical bloke (macho stereotype) I could hardly believe that TMS was the cause of my pain and your treatment along with “The Book” was working.

Fortunately I was able to take it all on board very quickly, my pain was going which added to my belief in the treatment and within three weeks I was, and still am, totally free of the pain described above and `belief` has become `faith`.

Shoulder tension and headache caused by driving long distances, stiffness from gardening, the occasional `domestic` , the weather — etc, etc, by simply identifying any potential cause of TMS at the outset I am able to  lead a very happy, stress free, pain free life and I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your help.

Georgina – take a bow and if ever you have any special offers on a refresher course please let me know, it would be nice to leave you with a hug next time instead of a handshake !!!!.

Best wishes and kind regards

Chris S

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