Webinar: Self Care for TMS Therapists with Georgie Oldfield


Talk Description

What are the best ways to care for yourself as a TMS practitioner/therapist and why is this important?
In this webinar Georgie will explore the strategies and understanding we can use in order to create an effective self care strategy for ourselves, not just our clients.
Most therapists spend their time honing client skills and researching strategies/approaches and whilst these are important in building an effective practise, many therapists forget that they are important too.
So take an hour for yourself and join us in this webinar dedicated to you. Your wellbeing, your energy and your motivation will thank you for it.

Thursday 5th Sept – 7.30pm BST


SIRPA - Georgie Oldfield Georgie Oldfield

In July of this year myself and 4 other SIRPA Practitioners went on a retreat in Portugal and whilst there it gave me time to reflect on the potential differences there can be  between what we advise our clients to do and what we actually do ourselves in the form of self-care.  We are lucky in that everything we teach our clients, we can benefit from ourselves, but how often do we as therapists really embody our teaching and put ourselves first?

With this in mind I’d like to host a webinar about self care for therapists, exploring this topic in more detail.  What do you already integrate into your life in the form of self-care and how can we help each other in really being able to not just understand strategies that could help us, but actually implement them and maintain a regular practice of self-care?

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19 : 30

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