Webinar: Poly and Me with Kay Reynolds


Poly and Me : How the Polyvagal Theory fitted into my work and my self care

As a Craniosacral Therapist   of thirty years working in private practice, coming across the Polyvagal Theory was another homecoming.

Working as a bodyworker with clients who had Trauma in their backgrounds I often floundered with the concept of ‘ depression ‘ and Anxiety.  My understanding didn’t quite match up with the symptoms and conditions being presented to me. Most of all progress in recovery and change was slow and sometimes re triggering. Hmmmm

I attended a workshop in Edinburgh four years ago on the David Bercelli TRE work ( Trauma Release Exercises ) and was introduced to the work of Dr Stephen Porges and his Polyvagal Theory. The answers for myself and my clients became clear.  Bottom Up Work ( hands on ) as it’s become known worked well as opposed to Top Down ( talking therapy ) . Eureka.

I have since taught clients the polyvagal theory and how to Re-Set , self regulate and self soothe alongside teaching Self Care for Therapists and Social Workers working with Clients in  trauma recovery.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing this amazing Theory most of all because it brings great tools and insight into our realm of ‘ recovery ‘ .


Polyvagal Theory Kay ReynoldsBio

Kay has worked in West Yorkshire for the past 30 years. Born in Yorkshire she mixes true grit and humour into her work. Though gently of course!

Studying Remedial Massage at the Northern Institute of Massage , Craniosacral Therapy with The Upledger Institute, Counselling , Hypnotherapy and Fascial Release, Kay blends and mixes her experience into her bodywork.

Working in private practice Kay also offers Supervision and CPD Training in Understanding Trauma’s Effect on the Body.

You can find out more about Kay and how she integrates Polyvagal Theory into her work by visiting her website at: https://www.kayreynolds.co.uk/


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