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‘One of the problems of suffering from TMS/Stress Illness is that the normal ways of dealing with problems (intelligence, rationality, sense of humour) aren’t there as you are dealing with something much deeper. What this programme does is give you what you need to navigate it. A really comprehensive, well thought out and powerful package.’  Elizabeth A

The online SIRPA™ Recovery Programme was developed by Georgie Oldfield MCSP, Founder of SIRPA™.  The bulk of it consists of a manual split into 8 chapters which includes a significant amount of information and advice to help you as you progress on your journey to resolving your chronic pain.

Following an introductory chapter, there is an in-depth self-assessment section with interactive pdf’s which you can complete and print off if required.  Once these are completed you will have gained a much better understanding of your symptoms, including the underlying causes, plus any links, triggers, barriers to recovery and emotional ‘crutches’ etc.  N.B.  These forms will be in your own confidential login section of the website.

You will then be encouraged to pull these together to use as you work through what will have become your own individualised programme.  Each chapter will include downloadable strategies for you to incorporate as you apply the information learned.

As well as this you will be provided with a discount code to purchase, for free, the audios and the Journaling for Health e-book on the website. You will also have access to a list of Frequently Asked Questions and reaffirmation statements which you can adapt to your own circumstances, plus there is a forum to ask for advice or just chat with other people on the programme.


The work I have done with Georgie has been life changing. I had already begun my healing journey having come across Dr Sarno’s books a few months before meeting Georgie. I have been working through the SIRPA online program at my own pace (as I have a little baby) and booked a package of 1:1 sessions with Georgie, which we carried out on Skype. The online program is so well structured & the 1:1 sessions were a wonderful supportive lifeline, especially when I experienced set backs. Georgie always promptly, professionally & compassionately responded to my emails in between sessions. She is hugely knowledgeable, supportive & practices what she preaches, which makes her approach so genuine. I have recently run a 10k race & couldn’t have done it without Georgie’s support. I have got so much more of my life back & know that I am on the journey to full recovery. Thanks Georgie!”  C.Henderson

This is not a quick fix, but if you want to get to the root of your pain and are prepared to go on a journey that will last a lifetime, then this is the programme for you.  The online material will provide you with all the tools you need to udnerstand and change your pain, but the assessment and ongoing support form Georgie was essential for me.  Just knowing I could quickly email any worries  if anythng went wrong was a great comforta dn kowing I had a regular appointment helped me maintain the momentum and keep going.  I would recommend the programme to anyone who is struggling with pain that cannto be exlained or has no serious underlying cause. ” L.Phillips

Prior to purchasing this programme it is imperative that you already have an understanding of the concept behind the SIRPA approach and have ruled out any more serious cause for your symptoms.  Information may be gained from either listening to the SIRPA Recovery CD or reading one of the books on this subject. Failure to do this might lead to you paying for something that is not suitable for you at this time.

N.B. If you have, or have had, a diagnosed mental health problem please check with your mental health professional whether this is an appropriate programme for you to undertake.  You will be acknowledging past and current emotional issues/traumas  and therefore you are advised not to purchase this programme if  there is a possibility of any risk to your mental health. 

Please make sure you read the Recovery Programme Agreement and Privacy Policy before purchasing this product.