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FAQs for the SIRPA Summit

  1. Do I have to be present for all of the talks if I sign up? No, you can pick and choose if there’s certain one’s you’re more interested in.
  2. What if I can’t make it on the 10th October? We’re sorry you can’t join us live. By signing up for the day you’ll also have the opportunity to watch the replays of all of the talks after the Summit until midnight on Sunday 13th October.
  3. How will we be accessing the talks? They’ll be hosted/streamed within a private Facebook group. Once you’re signed up you’ll receive an email asking you to request to join the group. Once approved just join us in that group on the 10th October.

Talk Details and Timings

(All timings are in UK time – BST)

SIRPA Practitioner Lizzie Croton10am-11am – Dr Lizzie Croton – How to work with your doctor using the mind-body approach 

Dr Lizzie Croton is a SIRPA practitioner and NHS GP. She will explore the medical system and how you can incorporate the SIRPA approach within the traditional medical model.


SIRPA Practitioner - Zoe Thompson11.15am-12.15pm – Zoe Thompson – The Stories we Tell Oursleves, How Stories can Heal

What is the story you’re telling yourself about your pain and what impact does this have on your recovery? Perhaps you’re not even aware that there is a story. In this talk, hypnotherapist Zoe Thompson, will explain how the subconscious mind uses stories and how you can use this same technique to harness your healing and help you recover.




SIRPA Trained - Charlotte Walker 12.30pm-1.30pm – Charlotte Walker – Unlocking Trauma Following an RTA or Fall to Avoid Pain Becoming Persistent

As an osteopath Charlotte Walker has often wondered why back pain following an RTA or fall doesn’t respond positively to manipulative osteopathic treatment. In this talk Charlotte will explain why and how you can use SE ( trauma therapy) and the SIRPA approach to process the trauma and ensure your pain does not continue to persist.


SIRPA Founder - Georgie Oldfield1.45pm-2.45pm – Georgie Oldfield – Effective Journaling to help in Recovery from Chronic Pain

Journaling is just one of the strategies Georgie shares in her book, Chronic Pain: Your Key to Recovery but it’s often one which client’s have questions about. In this talk Georgie will explore journaling in more detail, underlying best practices, common pitfalls and giving examples. You’ll leave this talk reassured that you’re gaining the most benefit from this wonderful self-directed strategy.


SIRPA Practitioner: Emma Kemp3pm-4pm – Emma Kemp – Religious Faith, Culture and MIndbody Approaches

Where does religious faith sit with the SIRPA Approach? Is it an easy fit or an uncomfortable one and how do our own cultural backgrounds help or hinder our engagement with this approach? Emma Kemp will explore the question from her own Christian perspective and will invite discussion from people of any or no religious faith.



SIRPA Practitioner - Jim Prussack

4.15pm-5.15pm – Jim Prussack – Feel it to Heal It

Whatever we resist persists and whatever we embrace erase. In this talk Jim Prussack will teach you how to switch from resistance and reaction to openness and relaxation in the face of whatever health issues you are dealing with. Healing happens when we are open to feeling whatever is arising within us.

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