SIRPA’s Practitioner Training

Do you see clients whose lives are severely limited by chronic pain?


Would you like to help your clients do more than just learn to manage their pain?


Would you like to become part of a growing network of respected professionals helping to change people’s lives forever using a pioneering approach to chronic pain?


Throughout the western world people suffer from severe pain which persists, despite current conventional and alternative treatments.  This often destroys lives and livelihoods.  The cost of chronic pain to the UK economy alone is billions of pounds a year.


Pain and the CNS

The acute pain of an injury is an unpleasant, but important, biological signal indicating tissue damage.  We now understand though that where there is no underlying physical disease, such as cancer or an auto-immune disorder, chronic pain is actually created by the central nervous system, rather than the bodily location where the pain is felt to be. The triggers for the brain to create or cause pain to persist are many and varied.  However, the adapted ‘stress’ response underlying this is unconscious and automatic, acting as a protective, or maladapted ‘fight or flight’ response.

Testimonial: It’s great having such a competent and enthusiastic colleague in the UK” John E Sarno MD Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University School of Medicine and Pioneer in the field of Tension Myositis Syndrome (Stress-Induced conditions)

SIRPA’s approach

SIRPA’s approach is based on this cutting edge concept and uses a self-empowering educational approach, as well as numerous self-empowering strategies to address the central nervous system directly, via its ‘software’ – the mind.  Pain science now shows that neuroplasticity allows us to change our neural pathways, therefore allowing individuals to take responsibility for their health, often with life-changing results.


As a Consultant Psychiatrist I often see clients with ‘Stress-Related and Somatic Symptom Disorder’. So many of these individuals turn out to have ‘Stress Illness’ as described by Georgina. Her SIRPA Practitioner Training Programme and SIRPA approach to Stress Illness enables Health Professionals to develop the skills to identify this often chronic and disabling condition in their own clients. Georgina really has been instrumental in the positive changing of lives forever.” Wayne Kampers MRCPsych


“The SIRPA approach is a rare example of a medical practise that has actually caught up with the leading edge of medical knowledge”. Adam Al-Kashi PhD, Thought Leader and Relationship Centred Facilitator


A very exciting course for me – it opened up some exciting new perspectives regarding approaches to chronic pain. Thank you Georgie – It has definitely been one of the best courses I have done. I very much appreciate your passion and inspiration for and around this important work.”  Damon Peterson, Osteopath


“If you are a therapist who specialises in chronic pain you must do the practitioner course! I have specialised in the treatment of chronic pain for over six years and have never been so inspired by a single course. Pushing the boundaries of Physiotherapy has given me a whole new set of treatment options to empower patients to take control over their lives again” Nicky MacKenzie MCSP


“The practitioner training was fun, practically-focused and full of great resources.  I recommend it highly!”  John Brickell, McTimoney Chiropractor


The course did not disappoint, and left me feeling inspired to join Georgie in pushing this work forward. Georgie’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and personal insight into stress illness recovery make for an excellent combination. By the end of day 4 I felt confident and excited to return to work and start utilising some of the many tools the SIRPA Practitioner course had equipped me with. I really believe we are at the start of an amazing journey, which I definitely want to be a part of.” Pete Gray MCSP


“This is an eye-opening approach to chronic pain recovery. This course has really opened my mind and I know it will help my patients no end.”  Dr Liz Croton, UK GP


“I wanted to do a course which filled the gaps in my knowledge base, was professionally led, current, and gave me a set of tools that I could use with my clients. The SIRPA Practitioner course gave me what I wanted, and I use the SIRPA approach, tools and techniques on a daily basis across my client base. For me the theoretical conceptualisation of the SIRPA approach, and the diverse range of techniques offered for psycho-somatic presentations brought many pieces of my own practice together within a coherent framework, and was in many ways the missing piece in my work in this area.” Dennis Donnelly, Osteopath and Body Psychotherapist


“The SIRPA training is an excellent training course, particularly if you are a counselor/psychotherapist. It’s even better if you have training from a psychodynamic perspective. When I heard about SIRPA I knew that all I ever suspected about the causes of pain and illness were validated.” Liz Dyde (now Hancock) MBACP


“I particularly welcome treating people who have been told they have DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) as I myself was told this and indeed ‘believed’ it for 12 years, in which time I had 4 spinal operations.  I now ‘walk my talk’ so to speak, in both my personal and professional life, integrating the SIRPA approach with my own models of psychotherapy with excellent results.” Louise Levy, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypno-CBT


“Thank you so much Georgie. I really enjoyed so much the training course. It was a really fantastic experience!” Susana Calleja Arnaiz, Spain


This course has simultaneously turned my osteopathic, naturopathic, NLP and Acupuncture training on its head, whilst also enhancing it and integrating it all, ‘Lucky Patients’.” Ashling Moore, Osteopath


“I am excited to be heading off in this direction and your course was a catalyst for me.” Jim Prussack, Physical Therapist, California, US


I have increasingly wondered over my years of clinical practice what the golden key would be for my patients to truly understand why they were developing their symptoms.  Having done the SIRPA practitioner course I feel like I have been given the gift of knowledge and understanding to guide them to the true cause of their pain and dysfunction.  To reveal how our emotions make themselves known, heard and felt in our bodies.” Jo Coulter, Physiotherapist


“It was lovely! I went back over several of the lessons/videos many many times – the level of content was impressive! I’m very glad that I can go back and review as needed. The worksheets included are super helpful and handy, and my ability to communicate these concepts with my patients has *definitely* improved! Thank you Georgie for putting it together for us!” Katelyn Michals Acupuncturist


Testimonial: “A portable and comprehensive training that will benefit all practitioners looking to gain competence in this exciting field. The online format makes it easy for the trainee to learn at their own pace with continuous access to high quality training materials. This training will open your eyes to something that was there all along in your patients and consequently benefit them hugely in their healing journey”  Dr Lizzie Croton GP

SIRPA’s mission:

SIRPA’s mission is to engage health professionals, educate them about the SIRPA approach to chronic pain and equip them with practical competencies necessary to shift their clients from living with pain to being able to regain their lives.  Chronic pain is now the world’s leading cause of disability, affecting 20-30% of the global population. By cultivating a community of ambassador-clinicians for the emerging approach to chronic pain, SIRPA aims to dramatically reduce human suffering in the world. 

What will your investment include?

This practitioner training is delivered via an interactive online programme.  This allows you to progress at your own pace and work within your current commitments. The training is delivered in two parts. The first part is the introductory course aimed at helping you become acquainted with the concepts and begin your SIRPA journey.   The full practitioner course will then help you learn all you require to integrate this approach into your own work. Both levels of the practitioner training are packed full of videos, activities and additional resources.  These will support you every step of the way, along with peer support and the option for clinical supervision.

As you work through these courses you will learn:

  • The evidence and theory underpinning the neurophysiology of psychophysiological disorders
  • The many possible manifestations resulting from a psychosocial cause
  • How to identify a psychophysiological disorder and what red flags to watch out for
  • Client assessment – theory, observation and experiential practice
  • Understanding the treatment principles behind the SIRPA programme
  • Theory and experiential practice of self-empowering strategies used in the SIRPA programme
  • Supporting clients through their journey
  • Understanding possible barriers to success
  • How to approach clients with the concept
  • Basic marketing tips and practice-building tips, including how to reach out to a new audience
  • A regular newsletter keeping you up to date with any relevant developments within this field.

This course is for you if you are:

  • A Medical professional
  • A Mental Health professional
  • A Complementary therapist, or
  • A Health Coach

and you:

  • are looking to add value to your clients and practice
  • have a full professional qualification
  • are regulated by a respected professional body, and
  • have up to date professional indemnity insurance

N.B. If you are not sure whether you fit these criteria and would like to discuss how you might be able to meet SIRPA’s requirements, please do get in touch.

Full details of the SIRPA Practitioner Training Pathway can be found below. This includes the costs, the CPD hours and a breakdown of both compulsory and optional elements of the training.

SIRPA Practitioner Training Pathway

The following is a full breakdown of the practitioner training and all that it involves.

Level 1 Introductory Course – This course is an introduction to the concepts, evidence and approaches. This course is equivelent to 10 CPD hours and costs £139. It can be taken both as a stand alone course or as part of our combined SIRPA training offer.

Level 2 Practitioner Course – This course enables you to integrate the approach within your current work. Following completion you will be SIRPA Trained. The course is equivelent to 41 CPD hours and costs £556. Completion of Level 1 is a pre-requisite for this course and you can purchase both Level 1 and 2 courses together using our combined SIRPA training offer below.

Becoming a SIRPA Practitioner – If you would like to become a SIRPA practitioner and demonstrate an increased level of competence to your clients we require 5 supervision sessions (£60 each) and submission of 5 case studies. This is an optional extra and following completion you will be a SIRPA Practitioner.

SIRPA Membership – SIRPA membership allows you to use the SIRPA logos and have access to additional resources such as our monthly webinars, social media/business builder programmes and discounts. You can read about the benefits you will received here. Cost £25 per month. 2 months of SIRPA Membership is included free when you purchase the Level 2 course. SIRPA membership will support your ongoing professional development and is a sign of your professionalism to your clients.


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N.B. Total cost for both courses individually would be £695 but sign up now and receive both for £556
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Signing up to any of our training will also mean you receive our newsletter, keeping you up to date with developments within this field.
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How will you benefit from completing our Level 1 & 2 SIRPA courses?


You will learn to:

  • Competently help clients identify and understand stressors, links and triggers and recognise how these relate to their pain and other symptoms
  • Understand and demonstrate the appropriate use of treatment tools/techniques taught on the courses and how to integrate these within your own work
  • Competently and compassionately encourage self-empowerment with patients and confidently support them on their journey
  • Incorporate a wide range of approaches and strategies enabling you to match your approach to your clients’ needs and improve your clinical outcomes
  • Identify any risk factors,  understand limitations and when to refer on a client who might be at risk
  • Introduce this topic to clients using quality research, evidence and an in-depth understanding of the concept
  • Support your clients through their journey and in turn make a real life-changing difference

What will the SIRPA Practitioner training provide you with?


  • A comprehensive, interactive and accredited CPD training programme
  • Access to a comprehensive list of research studies and books which are relevant to this work
  • Practical, experiential learning which you can then implement
  • Access to a variety of media platforms to help you develop your understanding of this concept and approach
  • An opportunity to go on to become a Licensed SIRPA Practitioner
  • Assessment and treatment strategies appropriate to each client
  • Opportunity for Clinical Supervision
  • Ongoing peer support throughout the course and as you integrate this approach into your own work
  • An opportunity to become part of a group leading the way in the treatment of Chronic Pain and other persistent health conditions
  • Marketing support to help you develop your business
  • Access to numerous SIRPA membership benefits including listing on the SIRPA ‘Find a Practitioner website (2 free months with the Practitioner Course from sign-up)
  • Regular newsletter updates for health professionals


By purchasing SIRPA’s Level 2 Practitioner course you are confirming that you are qualified as one of the following; a medical professional, mental health professional, complementary therapist or a health coach.  You are also confirming that you are currently regulated by a respected professional body and have up to date professional indemnity insurance.

SIRPA will not be held liable for anyone who undertakes this course who does not fit these criteria.  All delegates must also be working within their own scope of practise as accepted by their own professional body. Any queries, please contact us.

About SIRPA and its founder,  Georgie Oldfield MCSP

SIRPA was founded in 2010 by Physiotherapist, Georgie Oldfield MCSP.  After coming across the work of Dr John E Sarno in 2007, which forms the foundations of the SIRPA approach, Georgie spent the next few years developing a specialism in this field.  Having visited Dr Sarno and other Specialists in the US on a number of occasions, she has built strong ties with the US leaders, who are themselves developing their own PPD (Psychophysiologic Disorder) Association.  SIRPA came about due to Georgie’s determination to raise the profile of this approach.  She felt this would happen more easily by training other Practitioners, who would then be able to reach out to even more people.

Georgie’s aim was also to provide the SIRPA training to help other Professionals more easily learn to integrate this approach within their own work.  As well as developing SIRPA, Georgie works clinically, gives talks and writes widely about the concept.   In 2014 she published her first book, ‘Chronic Pain: your key to recovery’.   Georgie also organised and hosted the first two conferences in this field outside the United States.  Both of these were held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London in April 2015 and October 2017.


SIRPA is committed to your complete satisfaction with our services. If, for any reason, you are not entirely satisfied with our practitioner training, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  This is available from 30 days after the purchase of the course. In the unlikely occasion that this does ever occur we will aim to gain an understanding of your reasons to request your money back, in order to continue to improve our services.