Health Professional

Here are some of the questions we get asked about the SIRPA Approach and our honest answers.

Our approach to resolving chronic pain is ground-breaking and supported by academic research, but it’s not right for everyone. So we’ve done our best to provide enough information below to help you make the best decision for yourself.

1) "Is the Introductory course mandatory for health professionals interested in going on to do the Practitioner training?"

Yes. The introductory course allows individuals to to dip a foot in to see whether this approach is something they feel they would like to integrate into their own work. It offers an opportunity to do this before signing up for the full practitioner training.

2) "I’m not a health care professional. Can I still come on the programme?"

If you work in the health or fitness industry and work with people who have chronic health problems or work in the field of stress-management, then the knowledge of this concept and how to approach clients with something that could change their lives, could be hugely beneficial. If you feel your work could be enhanced by being on this course, you have a recognised professional qualification, are insured and regulated by your professional body, then you can sign up for this course.

3) "Is the SIRPA Training Certified?"

Yes, our training is certified by The CPD Certification Service and offers 10 hours for Level 1 and 41 hours for Level 2. You will also receive a certificate of attendance after each section of the training.

4) "What if I live outside the U.K.?"

The course is online and provides continual professional development, so there is no reason that you cannot purchase the course, wherever you live.

5) "Is there any pre-work or anything I need to do prior to starting the program?"

There is no pre-work for you to complete however we recommend that you would benefit more if you have a basic level of understanding of the concept of stress-induced conditions. There is a book list of suggested reading on the Additional resources page. You do not have to read these before signing up to the course, but reading one or two can give you a basic understanding as to whether this approach would be right for you. 

6) "Do you offer payment plans?"

Thinkific is the platform on which the training is hosted and they do offer payment plans.

7) "Is tuition refundable?"

A 100% money-back guarantee within a month of the start of the course is available if you feel the course has not delivered on its promise to you. Having said that, the information on this website and in these FAQ is available in order for you to be sure this course is right for you before you book. If you have any doubt at all, in order not to waste your time and ours, please book on one of our Q&A’s with course organiser, Georgie Oldfield MCSP prior to booking to discuss any reservations you might have.

8) "What are the benefits of the programme?"

The learning outcomes are on the SIRPA Practitioner Training Course page, but most importantly this course will help you make an even more positive impact on your client’s health and wellbeing and therefore their lives as a whole. It will provide you with the understanding and tools to allow you to help your patients/clients discover the underlying causes of their pain and regain their lives.

9) "How do I book onto a course?"

All the information about our Practitioner Training and how to book a course can be found on the Practitioner Training page.

10) "Who is the SIRPA training programme for?"

Any health professional (mental health or physical) or coach who is interested in learning how to help their clients who have chronic health conditions recover.

11) "Once I've completed the courses, if I choose to become a SIRPA accredited practitioner, what would this entail?"

Once you’ve completed the Introductory and Practitioner courses you will be classed as being SIRPA Trained. Should you wish to be an accredited practitioner you will need to complete your supervised case studies within one year: This includes 5 x case studies and 5 x supervision sessions (£60 each). All the details about what you need for your case studies is explained in our Practitioner Course.

12) "How long do the courses take?"

Our Introductory course is equivalent to 10 CPD hours however this only accounts for the reading of the content and not any additional time you take for processing your learning, recording/taking notes or further reading you may wish to undertake. 

Our Practitioner course is equivalent to 41 CPD hours however just like the previous course this only accounts for the time to read the content. You will also want extra time for additional activities, reading and processing everything you’ve learnt.