I found Louise through a friends recommendation.  I needed help with coping with day to day stresses and anxieties, anger and learning to like myself again after a relationship break down. Through hypnosis and Louise’s other skills I have been able to make my mind work in a much more positive way than ever before.

In my initial assessment session with Louise after reading my history she advised me to look on her website at the stress illness section. She said it might be something I would be interested in. Following her advice I did this and was quite amazed by what I read. The possible root of most if not all of my physical pain could be caused by stress, including the carpal tunnel syndrome which had been operated on 18 months before.

I am a hairdresser.  This means that I stand at least 10 hours every day, usually needing to bend and lean in unnatural and awkward positions and my shoulders were so painful that sometimes changing gear in the car was agony.  My lower back was continually aching sometimes sending shooting pains down my legs.  I actually thought that this was all part of the job.   Many hairdressers have bad backs, we probably don’t all suffer with TMS but we as a group are probably more stressed than we realize.  I also suffer with a very painful right wrist, I have not suffered any injury to this wrist,  I just woke up one day and the pain was there, working and doing anything with my right hand quickly became difficult and painful.

After a little online research I told Louise that I would like a Stress Illness assessment and she sent me a form to fill in and send back to her before our actual session.  By simply filling in this form and having to think about my pain and the times it occurs made me realize how powerful stress can be.  The form made me remember the exact time when I first noticed my carpal tunnel symptoms.  If only I had known about Louise and SIRPA before I could of avoided surgery.

During my stress illness assessment with Louise we discussed many things and tools which I could take away to my day to day life and use to relieve the stress and hopefully the pain too. For me, just reminding myself as often as possible that my brain is causing the pain and I control my brain is so helpful. I now know how to recognize things that cause me stress and how to deal with them accordingly. Since I had my assessment with Louise I have had no upper back/shoulder pain, barely any lower back pain and my wrist has more good days than bad days, but i am only just starting to heal myself so in time i am fully expecting to be pain free.

Thanks to Louise.

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